Derviş Zaim

D erviş Zaim attended Boğaziçi (Istanbul) and Warwick Universities, earning degrees in business administration and cultural studies respectively. He published a novel, ‘Ares in Wonderland’ in 1994 and went to make his debut film, Tabutta Rövaşata (Somersault In A Coffin), in 1997. This was followed by the narrative dramas Filler ve Çimen (Elephants and Grass, 2000), Çamur (Mud, 2003), Cenneti Beklerken (Waiting for Heaven, 2006), Nokta (Dot, 2008), Gölgeler ve Suretler (Shadows and Faces, 2011), Devir (Cycle, 2012) and Balık (Fish, 2014), and the documentary, Paralel Yolculuklar (Parallel Trips), in 2004. Zaim currently lectures on filmmaking at a number of universities.


2016 Rüya (Dream)
2104 Balık (Fish)
2012 Devir (Cycle)
2011 Gölgeler ve Suretler (Shadows and Faces)
2008 Nokta (Dot)
2006 Cenneti Beklerken (Waiting For Heaven)
2004 Paralel Yolculuklar (Parallel Trips, documentary)
2003 Çamur (Mud)
2000 Filler ve Çimen (Elephants and Grass)
1997 Tabutta Rövaşata (Somersault In A Coffin)


Photos By - İsmail Gökçe